A Great Reunion

In Genesis 32-33, we see the story of how Jacob prepares for and follows through with reuniting with his brother Esau.  Jacob’s taking of his father’s blessing away from his brother Esau had caused a rift in their family.  The last time Jacob saw Esau, there was likely much bitterness Esau felt toward Jacob. They probably didn’t have a very amicable parting.

My mind forms an image of the first time Jacob sees Esau.  I picture a desert landscape as in the picture above (they had camels, after all…). I see Esau and his family, flocks, and herd coming above the landscape. You see his head first, and he’s got a big smile on his face. Then you see everyone with him. He’s coming this way! Your first instinct might be to run, but you have to ask the Lord for a spirit of courage.

Imagine how Jacob felt when the thought came across his mind to see Esau for the first time in 20 years!  Nothing positive, for sure.  It was likely filled with thoughts of doubt, worry, and dread.  After all, Jacob had stolen the most precious things possible from his brother Esau, his birthright, as well as his Father Isaac’s special blessing.  When that happened, Esau was so angry that he had promised to kill Jacob as soon as their Father died.  But that didn’t stop Jacob from taking the initiative to amend His lost relationship with His brother.  He entrusted the Lord with his life and his family, and reached out to someone not easy to reach out to.

How often is that the case today?  There are so many meaningful relationships in our lives that we have let fall away, perhaps due to different life directions, personality differences, or perhaps rifts from conflicts that have formed and separated the relationship.  Even though it seems impossible, who is God calling us to reach out to?  Who is that one person who comes to mind?  Make an effort this week, or even month, to reach out to that person.  Push through the awkwardness.  If there are apologies to be made, make them.  After all, who knows how much they need the Light of Christ in their life?

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