Road Trip 2015: Day 2

That morning we headed back on the road. We didn’t want to see a whole lot of Memphis since we saw most of the things there were to see back in October of last year. We did stop by the giant “pyramid” bass pro shops that was newly built. The place was unbelievable. They had a hotel, several restaurants, the ducks unlimited museum, an observation tower that you could pay to go up onto, and a giant pond in the middle of the store which had fish and ducks in it. There were even boats sitting on the water that were for sale!

After stopping at Bass Pro, we headed down I-40 towards Texarkana. We stopped at the Arkansas welcome center for old time’s sake, and also to get a picture at the Arkansas sign. We talked for a bit to the lady working there at the center. She gave us some ideas of what we could do while passing through Little Rock. We did want to stop for lunch there. She gave us a couple of suggestions. Then she said, “well if you keep driving up about 15 miles or so along the river, you can walk or bike across the Big DAM Bridge!” I had to clarify with her if that’s actually what it’s called. Yep, sure enough, it’s called the Big DAM Bridge. You can’t drive across it, but it sounds awesome!  After we got on our way, we saw on the map Remington Rd, which was right next to AR 15 Hwy N.  Naturally, we figured it was the Remington factory! And it was! It was pretty neat to see it!

Squirrel!  Also, we try to keep it classy…

We got back on the road and stopped for lunch in Little Rock. We took a bit to decide on a place but decided to eat at Damgoode Pies (or something) it was a pizza place. And it was right on the river. So we requested to eat on the patio. And then it started pouring down rain…so that was odd…and we were the only people out there…which was also odd. But nevertheless it was delicious! Jack ordered a pizza with anchovies on it (of course). When his pizza came out, it had artichokes on it because that was the first time our waiter had ever had to write down “anchovies” as a topping, and the cook assumed it was artichokes instead of anchovies lol. But they got it right eventually. Afterwards we walked a bit down President Clinton Boulevard and then went across the bridge to the U.S.S. Razorback, which was a partially submerged submarine. Pretty cool! After that we got back on the road…

We arrived in Texarkana, super excited that we were finally in TEXAS (everything is bigger in Texas). We straight up passed the welcome center because Jack was trying to pass a car and then missed the exit. Nevertheless we were determined to get a picture next to the Texas sign! We checked into our hotel (which featured the George W. Bush Presidential Library…just kidding) and then went to the welcome center. Jack did some soil studies and tree studies of the area, and we went off to get some dinner.

We found a Mexican place, hoping to get some good authentic TexMex, but it wasn’t actually that great…maybe next time! After dinner we went to go look at some BOOTS and other cowboy attire. I was so close to buying boots but I just didn’t see me really wearing them. Ever. Unless I went to the Joe. Or for Halloween. That’s about it. Jack was really close to. We probably looked for a good hour or so, but then we said we’d “come back” (which we never did) and buy them. I do regret I didn’t buy them! Next we went to go see downtown Texarkana, which is pretty boring. Not a whole lot going on down there, even on a Saturday night. All that was happening was the Pecan Pointe Brewery, which we got a beer there. I got the Pecan Point Ale, and it was pretty good! There wasn’t a ton of people there and it seemed to be thinning out by around 10ish.

Pecan Point Brewing Company

After that we headed back for the night…we were starting to get a bit tired from the trip, but we still had a lot to go!

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