Road Trip 2015: Day 3

After breakfast and checking out the next morning, we headed up to Oklahoma! We took the interstate a bit, but then i drove on some rural Texas highways. Proof that everything is bigger in Texas:

Texas Road Sign
Alabama Road Sign







See how the Alabama state highway sign is all smushed vertically and it looks all horizontal? Not in Texas. In Texas, they make sure that Texas looks like Texas, not some weird-looking state that is the right size to make the numbers appear on it. I also liked how they ran out of names for their roads in Texas because the state is so freaking huge. I think they eventually just gave up and just started numbering their roads, especially the rural ones. We eventually made it to Broken Bow, OK, and there’s not a whole lot there besides Choctaw casinos and a Walmart. Downtown Broken Bow consists of the police station, fire station, and mayor’s office. Oh and a hardware store. That’s about it. After seeing that, we were satisfied…we had made it to Oklahoma. Next on the trip…West Monroe!!

Downtown Broken Bow, OK
Downtown Broken Bow, OK

We headed back down to Texarkana (and we didn’t stop at the boot shop…oh well) and headed south on I-49 towards Shreveport. We made it to Shreveport and stopped for lunch at this place called Crawdaddy’s. Jack was gung-ho about getting crawfish. The thing about the crawfish…Jack knew that they were really hot, but he had never had authentic Cajun crawfish before. So he started eating…they were fire. The waiter came by and Jack jokingly says, “Wow, you didn’t warn me that they would be this hot!” He responds, “Well it’s Cajun crawfish so it’s kind of a given…” Jack probably sweated a full bucketsworth after eating those. I had a muffaletta which was pretty good, but I’ve definitely had better. Guess the moral of the story there is to never order a sandwich from a place called “Crawdaddy’s”!

We headed back on the road towards West Monroe. At this point I was getting super excited, because Duck Dynasty is my absolute FAVORITE show!! As we drove in, there were billboards with the Duck Commander men on it. I knew we were getting close! We checked in to our hotel and then made plans for the evening. When I realized that it was Sunday, and that the Duck Commander store was closed, my heart dropped. But then I realized that we can just go in the morning on our way out! But I still wanted to see it, so we drove over and saw it. Just seeing the warehouse made me think of so many episodes. I remembered the one where they flooded the loading dock to “test” duck calls. It was awesome to actually see that loading dock! And to actually see the crappy chair on the platform that Si sits on to eat his lunch!! It was awesome. We looked around a bit and then drove to take a picture of the West Monroe water tower…the one in almost half of the scene transitions of the show. It was so cool to see it! At this point, I started to realize that this show is real life. It’s not a completely fictional family. They’re real people who live in a real town, and go about the same everyday tasks and feel the same things that we do. Off the set, anyway.

West Monroe Water Tower
West Monroe Water Tower

We went to take a look at the University of Louisiana, Monroe and then drove around the town a bit. (There’s not a whole lot else to it…) Got some dinner at a place called Copeland’s. We were going to get gumbo, but the waiter actually recommended against it (at least he was honest?) but we got some delicious Red Beans and Rice!

After dinner, since I knew that we were going to drop by the Duck Commander warehouse the next day, I ran by Target to get a sharpie, JUST IN CASE one of the cast from the show appeared in the store. I would make them sign my phone!!! I had to be prepared!!.

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